A Brief Overview of Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! Mail in all sense has successfully acclaimed the title of a great communicator. Its undeniable success can be credited to the reason that it is simple and easy to use. Being a web-based email client it extends out the flexibility for users to access their email account pervasively from any system with an internet connection. In addition to the sending and receiving of messages, it provides you a platform to store all your contact at a place by means of an address book. It would not be wrong in saying that Yahoo has undoubtedly kept you connected all the time with the web and with all your near and dear ones. However, the rise in cyber-crime has created a concern for users and a question still lurks on their mind is there information safe?


Rise of Internet and Cyber-crime

With this growing usage of internet and emails, online crimes have gone up to unprecedented levels. There had been cases when hackers have come up with techniques to tweak into your Yahoo! Mail account for getting access to your personal information. In such type of scenarios there has been a leakage of important information over internet and it eventually ends up in litigation procedures where forensic investigators have to carve out evidence in order to reveal the authenticity of culprit.

Yahoo! Mail Accounts have been really compromised

Almost every other day we hear from our colleagues and friends that their email accounts have been compromised and it could not be wrong in saying that it must have even happened to you. Well, one should be grateful to the widespread usage of internet, which has been a source for hackers to learn the tricks for hacking passwords. Such kind of attacks are becoming more persistent. It happened with the Alaska Governor Sarah Palin during the presidential election of 2008. David kernell, a college student used biographical information about Sarah Palin to hack into her Yahoo email address and reveal important information to the public. He had access to her Yahoo e-mail account by changing her password to “popcorn.” He’s also preceded by the law for posting the new password over internet and allowing other people for accessing her account. Further, when Kernell learnt that FBI was trying to find out the person who hacker her account, he tried to destroy evidence in order to cover his trail. However, all his attempts failed when forensic investigators carved out evidence which proved him guilty as the main suspect.

Want to know ….How was The Hacking Done?

It all happened due to the password reset feature provided by Yahoo. Here, it will ask common questions from people such as what is your favorite color? What high school did you get in? Or when is your birthday? And hackers get it right by collecting personal information about you from internet. Same thing happened with the actress Salma Hayek account. Someone put her birthday details and guessed her favorite character to log into her account.

So it has been recommended by forensic experts that that users should always make it sure for not entering the correct personal information while filling up the form in the creation of Yahoo! Mail account. One should make up information and avoid putting up the real information that concerns an individual. In case of Sarah Palin, the hacker tried to put the information regarding her Birthday date from her FB account. Later forensic investigators tracked him down by tracing the system IP address.

In this way forensic investigations are executed to track down the culprit. While conducting such kind of investigations, forensic investigators require a number of tools in order to crack down the investigation with ease and within less period of time.

Why Owner Has Chosen The Yahoo Forensics Subject

Digital Forensics plays a vital role in leading the forensic analyzers on the right path of investigation of a digital crime. With the increase in population of users employing mail clients like Yahoo, unlawful activities have also been increased. In Yahoo forensics, a thorough analysis of the data history of Yahoo messenger and Yahoo mail applications is carried out in order to prove the culprit guilty of the committed crime. In the blog we have provided complete information and it serves as a guide for the readers seeking to possess a complete knowledge of Yahoo and want to start by absorbing even the basic information. We have furnished it in a manner that gives a detailed description of Yahoo mail client right from the minute details to advanced information which proves helpful in Yahoo Forensics.


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