9 Steps To Know How To Set Up A Yahoo! Mail Account

A variety of email accounts are intuitive and handy. For instance, you can create an account which you deploy for personal usage, a business account for your business clients and associates and an account which you want to use without disclosing your identity. To efficiently manage all these accounts you need a trusted and a reliable email provider.

Yahoo mail is one of the best email providers that not only is reliable but is also quite renowned. You can set up your Yahoo! Account in a matter of time and it is fast, free and intuitive. What else a user would require in an email provider?

You can set up your Yahoo! mail account by following the below mentioned steps: –

Step 1: – Go to Yahoo.com. Yahoo! Home page will appear before you. Click the Mail option present in top right corner of the home page. Click on Create Account to start with the sign up process.


Step 2: – A Sign up window will appear. Start filling in the sign up form in order to create your Yahoo! Account.


Step 3: – Start the sign up procedure by entering your First Name and Last Name.


Step 4: – Choose your Yahoo! ID username. This will identify your account to your email recipients. You can use your name and even numbers and letters. Check the availability of the username that you have entered. If the username is already owned by other user, select any other username from the drop down menu.


Step 5: – Select a password once you find a unique username. Password should be of at least 6 characters and can include numbers and symbols as well. One thing that has to be kept in mind is that passwords are case sensitive. So while entering your password, keep in mind whether the characters you have entered are lower-case or upper-case.


Step 6: – Enter a mobile number which will be used to send a link to reset your password in case you forget it. Also enter your personal details like your birth date and gender. Also you can enter an optional mobile number and relationship with the owner of the number, which will be used in case the first number is not accessible.


Step 7: – Read the Yahoo terms and privacy. Once you have done reading Yahoo Terms and privacy, click on the Create Account.


Step 8: – A verification window will appear on your computer screen. Enter the visual code that only humans can read. Type the characters shown amidst the flowing letters and then click on Submit the code.


Step 9: – Once you submit your code, your Yahoo! Account will be created.



  • Choose such a username that can easily be identified by your email recipients. Do not select an unusual username as it can be considered as a spam.
  • You can create multiple individual accounts according to your necessity in the same way.


  • Choose a password which is difficult to crack by others. Also while entering the password keep in mind to memorize whether they are lower-case or upper-case or to be on the safer side, maintain it somewhere safe in written.
  • Be cautious while giving out information on web. Yahoo! has a secure server but does not guarantee your privacy when you are chatting with others online.

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