Forgot Yahoo Sign-in And Password! – Know What To Do Next?

Yahoo has provided users a better vision for emailing. Many of its features like Yahoo Messenger, storage limit, etc. have attracted users. However some common issues with emailing platforms still are with this Yahoo emailing service. Users are usually surrounded with common quests like “I forgot Yahoo Sign-in And Password, what to do?” This blog will clear out such issues and will guide you for essential steps needed to be taken. It will also share some tips which can be taken to make your Yahoo account more secure.

  1. How to Deal with Signing-in Issues in Yahoo Account?

After providing an invalid ID or Password, error message is prompted. This error message indicates that either your ID or Password or both have been entered incorrectly. Yahoo provides some basic troubleshooting methods; you can go through these steps to check ID and passwords are correct or not.


Try Out 1: Cross Check Your Password

  • Check CAPS LOCK Key: Passwords are case-sensitive and thus it is necessary to enter correct password with correct uppercase and lowercase. Verify if your CAPS LOCK is on.
  • Password Changed? : If you have changed password recently, you will have to wait for at least 24 hours to access Yahoo account with new password.
  • Locked-out From Account: In case you have entered incorrect passwords again and again many times, Yahoo might not let you sign-in at least for 12 hours for security reasons. You will be locked out for 12 hours.

Try Out 2: Web Browser Issues Hampering Yahoo

  • Try Another: There can be trouble with the browser itself which is stopping you to access Yahoo account. You can try another browser to access account for instance if IE is not working try Google Chrome.
  • Clean It Up: Web browsers run slow due to old information saved in cache or cookies. Clean it, and then restart it and try to sign-in again.

In case these work-around do not work for you, or you have completely forgot your ID or password you can use Yahoo Password Helper to enter your Yahoo account.

2: How to Change/Reset Yahoo Account Password?

Change Yahoo Account Password

  • Visit Yahoo Account Information Page.
  • Enter Yahoo ID and Password and Sign-in.
  • Select Security>> Change Password.
  • Here, enter new password and click Continue.
  • Message confirming changes in password is shown.
  • Click Continue to finish.

Note: Your original password must be known to change password in case you have doubt with your password, you can perform next method.

Reset Forgotten Yahoo Password

If you have completely forgotten your Yahoo account’s password, you can use Password Helper for resetting the password to access yahoo account again. If this does not help you much, follow the below mentioned steps to verify your identity and reset password;

Reset Through Alternate Email ID

  • Visit Password Helper.
  • Here select option of “I have a problem with my password” and click Next.
  • Provide Yahoo ID, and click Next.
  • Enter the CAPTCHA code.
  • Provide your alternate email address and click Next.
    – A “Reset your Yahoo password” will be sent to your alternate email address.
  • Open alternate email id and open email, click Reset My Password.
  • Provide new password here and click Next.

3: How to Reset Password Using Mobile Phone?

Note: In case you are not having a mobile number on file this reset option will not work for you.

  • Visit Password Helper.
  • Select option of “I have a problem with my password”.
  • Click “Reset your password” option.
  • Provide Yahoo ID, and click Next.
  • Enter CAPTCHA code if it prompts.
  • Here select the mobile number and click Next.
  • Provide the missing 2 digits of your mobile number for its verification and click Next.
    – This will send a message to your mobile with a verification code.
  • Provide this code in “Code sent to my mobile phone” field.
    Click Next.
  • Provide a new password, and click Next.

4: How to Change Your Security Questions?

Security questions should be strong and up-to-date. It adds up a security level to your Yahoo account. You can do this by following below tips;

How Should be Your Security Questions?

  • Try to make questions5 to 100 characters long and include letters and numbers only.
  • Try not to provide two identical questions or answers.
  • Answers are 432 characters long and include letters and numbers only.

Change Your Security Questions

  • Sign in to Yahoo Account Information page.
  • Click Update Password –reset info under “Sign-in & Security”.
  • Click Change Questions and Answers which comes under “Secret Questions”.
  • Select from the provided security questions or you can also create your own question.
  • Save changes.

5: How to Create a Strong Yahoo Password?

A strong password can save you big-time from any external threat to make your account secure. Below are some tips to keep a strong password;

  • Try to use Upper case and Lower case letters, numbers, symbols to make your password arbitrary. More it is difficult; harder it will be to guess.
  • Longer passwords are recommended and thus try to keep longer passwords of minimum 8 characters.
  • Passwords should not be a word, familiar names, user id, birthday, etc. It should not be obvious to guess.
  • Use different passwords for different accounts or sites.
  • Keep your password securely stored, change it regularly and don’t share it at all.
  • Don’t use same passwords or re-use them. Always put a new unique password.
  • Some viruses can track down your password input; so always use updated antivirus software to keep your system away from such viruses.
  • Always make sure that you are providing ID and password to original site.


Email accounts are not safe from intruders and it is extremely essential to keep your account safe to avoid any mishap or cybercrime. Strong passwords and password-management is best technique to keep your account safe. This blog discusses about some crucial tips and settings to be done to avoid any future calamity. It also elaborates immediate steps to be taken when password is lost or needs to be reset.


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