Know the Steps for How to Change Background Theme of Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! Mail in all sense has been a great communicator. It comes with the basic features which users normally expect in any email- system. Apart from that Yahoo! Mail has integrated all other Yahoo functions in such a way that it has embellished Yahoo! Mail itself a lot.

While sending and receiving messages over Yahoo! Mail, often you must have come up with thoughts of changing the theme. Well, Yahoo does offer you the facility of changing the theme of Yahoo! interface which displays your mail messages, contacts and calendars.

Now express your mood by changing the theme of Yahoo! Mail. Follow the steps given below to successfully execute it.

Steps for Changing the Background Theme

  • Log into Your Yahoo! Mail account by putting up your credentials.
  • The following type of Yahoo interface will be displayed.


  • Now click on the Gear icon which is located at extreme top right.
  • Choose the “Theme” option from the list of options.


  • On selecting the theme, the following page will displayed which will provide you with a list of themes and a preview how your Yahoo! Mail interface will look.


  • After selecting your desired theme, click on the “Done “tab which is present at the lower bottom of the preview themes window.
  • The changes will be immediately shown on the Yahoo interface.


Besides changing the theme of Yahoo interface from the gear icon settings, you can change the theme from Theme Switcher

  • Take your mouse over the Postcard Gallery icon located on the lower left corner of Yahoo interface.


  • Now, scroll one by one through the image thumbnails with the help of arrows present at the left and right ends of the gallery.


  • You can click on a thumbnail image for previewing how the theme will look when applied to Yahoo interface
  • Click on the preview screen to enable it as your Yahoo theme
  • You will notice that the changes are immediately displayed over the screen.

Yahoo! Mail provides multitude of facilities to enrich user’s emailing experience. Often users are not aware of those options and facilities extended by Yahoo. The steps mentioned above clearly and precisely explains to users how they can change the background theme of the Yahoo interface without any difficulties.


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