How To Create A Contact List In Yahoo Mail-Step By Step Guidelines

There are different ways that can be adopted to add new contacts to Yahoo Mail Account. One is to add the contacts with required fields and then import it to Yahoo! Mail and another is to use online accounts to import their contacts. In this segment we will discuss how contacts list can be created in Yahoo! Mail along with steps illustrating the process of updating the existing contact.

Add a Sender as Contact

If you have received email from an unknown sender and wish to add him/her to the contact list, then follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the message, right click on the address that you wish to add to the contacts list.
  • Choose “Add Sender to Contacts” that is available at the bottom of the menu.


This way, Yahoo! Mail will collect all possible contacts information like first name, last name, and the email address. However, to add more information, click on the “+” button available next to the text fields.


Shortcut: If you wish to add a sender as contact in Yahoo! Mail quickly, then Shift+C is the keyboard shortcut that can be used. To use this feature, the message should be either selected or opened in the reading pane.

Merge Existing and New Contact

If a contact is already saved into the list and more about it has to be added. Meanwhile, it should be noted that when this is done, the contact information will be overwritten. For example: If a person named “Alena Smith” is in the contact list and a contact is added with the same email address, then the contact will be updated with the first and last name in the file added.

An Important Note: If the shortcut Shift+C is used to add a contact that already exists, then a message will pop up on screen stating that the email address already exists in the list. However, if you right-click on the contact and add it to the list, no reminder will pop up on screen.

Create New Contact

If a new contact has to be added, click on the address book icon that is available at the top left corner of the page. Click on “New Contact” button and you can add information in available fields. The mandatory fields that should be filled includes the first name and the email address (Rest of the fields can be added later). Click “Save” to add the contact.


Edit Existing Contact

Open the address book and select the contact whose info has to be updated. Click on “Edit Details” button available in the toolbar and a contact editor will get opened. You can add, remove, or update contact information and click on “Save” button.

Managing contacts in Yahoo! Mail is an easy job. The above mentioned steps to create, edit, and add contacts to the Yahoo! The account can be a great help in the organizing address book.


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