Step-wise Guidelines for How to Use Calendar in Yahoo Mail!

A busy lifestyle can burden your responsibilities and to catch the goals before deadlines life has to be set in an organized manner. Yahoo mail calendar gives you an opportune way to plan your tasks keeping them organized and you up-to-date. And the most important thing is, you have access to these calendars and scheduled details all the time through internet. Many of you might be already aware of it but for those who have not experienced the Yahoo Calendars yet, here is a quick guideline for how to use calendar in Yahoo Mail.

Step 1: Open Yahoo Calendar

Open Yahoo Mail or login to Calendar and go Calendar icon.


Step 2: Add New To-Do

Once Calendar is open, go to to-do list available at right side of calendar which will open another text box as shown in image. Provide a new to-do entry in box and hit “Enter” for creating new entry. Add more details to the entry with additional options and save the entry.


Step 3: Add New Event

Click “New Event” available in upper-left corner which will open a pop-up Window. Here enter the event details Provide event name and time as well and then click “Save”. This event can also be customized more to repeat automatically or set reminder to send email before the event so that you don’t forget the event.


Step 4: Quick New Event

You can do lot more with events. If you want to add an event by directly going to the date of event, switch to “Day” view and click a time to add new event. You can click on “Add More Details” for adding more details or click on “Save”. You can also add more details later if you want to by opening the event and pressing “Edit”.


Step 5: Add Another Calendar

You can also create another calendar by clicking “+” in My Calendar section. Name this new calendar and you can also pick a different color for events of this new calendar. You can also add specific people to share it through an option available as “Invite People by Email”. You can also add level of access for the persons you invite.


Step 6: Holiday Calendar

You can also create a calendar in Holidays section to include new calendar with holidays in desired country. This can also be done with Sports section to follow favorite team’s game.


Step 7: Follow Friend’s Calendar

In order to add a public calendar, open menu on Others and select the option of “Add a Friend’s Calendar” and enter the creator’s Yahoo email address. You can also do the same by selecting “Follow Other Calendars” and entering a public iCal calendar address. You can also “Unsubscribe” an added calendar.



You can store various appointments, events, tasks, etc. through Yahoo Calendar and you will have hold on this information all the time from anywhere anytime. The details you enter in the Calendar are not used for any marketing purposes and your content is safe with Yahoo Mail. There are several other features which you will find very helpful to stay updated once you start using Yahoo Calendars and explore more.


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