Discover How To Create Signature In Yahoo Mail

With the digitalization of the modern world, signatures are used extensively even with the email clients in order add some special contents automatically with a message. They are once created and gets added to the bottom of an email.

Things that can be included in signature:

  • Name, email id, contact number and other important information.
  • A link to the website.
  • Personal note for the recipients

Many users often find themselves hurdled with the query “How to create signature in Yahoo mail”. If you too have same question then this article is really useful for you. Before going to the issue let’s first find some tips that should be taken care while creating a signature.

Handy Tips For Creating A Signature

Signatures associated with the messages reveal our image to the recipients. Hence, special care should be made in selecting a signature. Some important points that must be kept in mind before selecting a signature are listed below:

  • Keep the signature short and simple.
  • Avoid images as it will be delivered as attachments to the recipient.
  • If you want to add images then it is better to save it on the server and provide its full URL and HTML to make it linked.
  • Do not add links of social networking sites unless required.
  • Avoid using a legal disclaimer unless forced.
  • Do not use Anti Virus scanning notification statements.

Techniques For Creating Signature In Yahoo Mail

A signature in Yahoo Mail can either contain simple text or images. Before creating a signature it should be clear whether a user wants to add text or images with the signature as the steps in both the cases are different.

Steps For Creating Signature Containing Text

Step 1: – Hold the mouse over Setting menu icon.


Step 2: – From the Drop down menu, select Setting.


Step 3: – Select Writing email from the left panel of the Setting mail.

writing email

Step 4: – Scroll down to signature. Following three options will be associated with it. Select the option according to your choice.

  • Don’t use signature – Selecting this option will make your outgoing messages free from any signature.
  • Show a plain text signature – On selecting this option, the outgoing messages will not contain any formatting.
  • Show a rich text signature – Selecting this option allows your signature to make use of the rich text options present in the toolbar.


Step 5: – Click on Save in order to enable digital signature in Yahoo Mail.


Steps For Creating Signature Containing Images

Yahoo Mail provides flexibility to add images as signature. However, many a times it is noticed that the images are delivered as attachments with the messages. The steps for creating a signature containing images are described below:

Step 1: – Save the image to image hosting sites.

Step 2: – Navigate to Writing email in Setting menu.


Step 3: – Scroll down to Signature and select and select Show a rich text signature.


Step 4: – Click on right most tab of the menu bar. This tab is for inserting link.


Step 5: – Provide the URL of the image and click on OK.


Note: You can simply paste the URL of the image in the table.

Step 6: – Click on Save to add image as signature.

Steps For Editing Signature

Many a times it is seen that the users need to edit a previously created signature but they do not find a solution for it. However, editing a signature is quite simple. The basic steps followed for editing a signature include:

Step 1: – Hold the mouse on the Setting icon and select Setting from the drop down menu.

Step 2: – Navigate to writing emails in the left panel.

Step 3: – Make the required editing in the text field.

Step 4: – Once editing is done, Click on Save.


Adding signatures in an email client with your messages permits you to send some special content with an email. However, one must take great care while selecting the content for signature as they play crucial role in portraying the image of the sender in front of the recipients. It is expected that the above mentioned information will prove to be advantageous for the users who are either new to Yahoo Mail or who had not explored Yahoo Mail.



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